Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seal are Assholes!!!!!

I GOT IN A CONVERSATION EARLIER About how much you would have to pay me to kill a puppy or a babt seal with my bare hands. I said 500 bucks per puppy, considering I could destroy as many as my heart could handle,but my stupid roomate said she would never do it. Not even for a billion dollars. I can respect that, but then she said she would take out a possum for like 10 bucks.

Thats crazy to me. I am by no means a possum fan,nor do I have some weird grudge against puppies, but I think that the PETA mentality that keeps us from clubbing baby seals or smushing a puppy should also apply to the ugly animals. You could make the argument that possums are a pain in the ass, but who out there hasn't stepped in dog shit? And the only reason baby seals aren't a problem is the fact they are so far away. I bet baby seals are dicks. So, my question is how much would it take for you to kill a puppy with your bar hands? Also, how much to club a baby seal?


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