Saturday, May 16, 2009

One day I got bored and took a picture of my penis

don't judge me.

like I'm the only one out there with a picture of their genitals on their cell phone. Well, I tell you that shameful little detail to tell you this hilarious story.

I was out last night and drinking a shit ton of sake which, by the way, is always a bad idea. As the night goes on, I get drunk out of my gourd and decide to set the picture of my penis as my cell phone back ground. I can't remember why doing that was so funny to me, but I do know I got a hell of a kick out of it! well I woke up this morning confused and ashamed, as usual, but this time something was different.

My cell was making these fucked up Nintendo beeps and bloops. Once I got a close look at my phone, I realized it was fucked! I could turn it on and off, but none of the buttons work! I can't reset the background on my phone or make an outgoing call! I don't mind my phone being broken, it has happened before. I normally just take it to Verizon and they check it out, if there is nothing that can be done, I send it out to my phone insurance company to get a new one.

HOW THE HELL DO I WALK IN TO THE VERIZON WITH A PICTURE OF MY COCK ON MY CELLPHONE AND ASK THEM TO FIX IT? Should I explain myself and let the tech dude know I was drunk and thought it would be funny? Say that YES that is in fact my cock, not some random third party dick from a guy you don't even know. Or do I just act like nothing is wrong. Just be like "yea that's a dick. So what!" and and act as if this isn't the weirdest situation me and this dude have ever been put in. Plus, I'm worried about about the legal ramifications. Is it illegal to show someone a picture of your whoopee stick even if you don't want to? Could you imagine getting arrested for this? I'm pretty sure I would end up on the sex offenders list. I am also to cheep to buy a new phone and avoid this hilariously humiliating situation. some one help me!!! I have no idea what to do!

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