Saturday, May 16, 2009

I miss Myspace

I miss Myspace. As we all know, the days of Myspace are pretty much gone. This isn't necessarily a bad thing considering the last year of it's existence the only friend requests and comments most people where getting where from cam Whores and Shitty bands that no one would ever enjoy, unless their son is actually in the band.

What I miss about Myspace is the blog section. I used this feature, pretty frequently, to express my love of monkeys doing bad ass stuff and tell all the dick jokes running through my head on a daily basis. in order to convey my often warped opinions and off the wall toilet humor, I have decided that I need to begin writing a blog.

I hope everyone that reads my "drunken ramblings" can take something amusing from my off the wall stories. If not, you are probably the type of person that thinks Carlos Mencia is funny... so go fuck yourself.